Our crowded World

We languish in traffic and think, it didn’t used to be this bad.

We watch as kids struggle for attention from teachers in overcrowded classrooms.

We watch as our parks and beaches become more polluted.


We compete against hundreds of applicants for a single job opening.

We get angry when natural spaces and wildlife are destroyed for another strip mall.


We worry about the planet we will leave the next generation.


our planet grows by

a billion people

approximately every 12 years


As our numbers explode, we are spreading across and destroying the natural world.

Every new person takes resources out of the planet that we can’t replace, pollutes the environment in ways we can’t clean up, and makes the world a harder place for each of us to live in.


Whether the average person alive today chooses to have two children or less, or has more than two children, will largely determine whether our future will be safe, healthy, and sustainable.

The alternative is a world more crowded and polluted, with less nature, less space, and fewer natural resources for each person.

By 2100, world population

could vary by

billions of people

depending on whether the average woman in the world today has

one child more or one child fewer.


We can choose to live in an uncrowded world.

Having smaller families is

the most effective way

to reduce our impact on the environment and other species,

and create a better world for all of us.

(Yes, it’s more effective than changing diet or forms of transportation.)

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